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Paula Klien by POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair / 14. - 17. September 2017 / Photos: René Löffler

The autumn exhibition "In dialogue / Where is home?" sheds a serene glance at this important question. The bright colours in the large-format paintings by Peter Lindenberg (DE) are reminiscent of humming summer meadows, native plants, of the peace and diversity of life. The humorous "puppy dog eyes" from the series "The Dog's Notes" by Poren Huang (TW) show us the home world from the perspective of the dog, Man's best friend. The little stories in the paper works of Peter Lindenberg take a look into our own world of thought. Special: The surfers on the postcards of Berlin illustrator Philipp Boos direct our attention towards new frontiers.

In dialogue / Where is home?
Peter Lindenberg (DE) and Poren Huang (TW)
Special: Philipp Boos (DE), Illustration
Curator: Irina Ilieva
Open: Thursday - Saturday, 2-8pm and by appointment
Venue: Galerie aquabitArt, Auguststr. 35, 10119 Berlin-Mitte
14. - 28. October 2017

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