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Paula Klien

Photos © Paula Klien, aquabit

Gallery aquabitArt presents new works by Paula Klien in paper positions berlin, 26 – 29 April 2018.
The Artist is present.

>>> Venue: Deutsche Telekom Hauptstadtrepräsentanz, Jägerstrasse 42-44, 10117 Berlin / Booth a08
>>> Press release (EN)

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PAULA KLIEN / Artistic position
Back to her primary artistic manifestation, Paula Klien resumes the inquisition to her universe of fine arts in 2016 and finds the millennial tradition of ink, the antithesis to her previous experience producing images with the use of technical apparatus and machines.

In her new experience, light and shadow are converted into a cornerstone of fluid and monochromatic abstracts. Conceptually, this investigation is in the field of art and spirituality, where the process becomes the tool for the quest of transcendence, timelessness, silence and surrender. The intimacy between spontaneity and control, action and inaction, visible and invisible, as forms, is unpredictable and limitless with no boundaries and unfolding by chance.

'Manifestation-works' reveal mysteries of the intangible explored by the artist. In her lyrical abstractionism, canvases and three dimensional objects get materialized in a homogeneous and elegant way, treading however raw lines with no props.

With the proposal of rereading the traditional ‘Chinese Ink Painting’, Paula Klien develops a very personal technique, turning into contemporary the classic version that has its origin in the influences of Chinese Taoist doctrine, by the principle of ‘let it flow.’

Born in 1968 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2018 Solo exhibition, Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim (CCLA), Rio de Janeiro (1. Aug. - 2. Sept. 2018)
2018 Solo exhibition, Marques 456, Rio de Janeiro (13. Oct. - 17. Nov. 2018)
2018 Group exhibition, Gallery Emma Thomas, São Paulo (April 2018)
2017 Sommerexhibition #1, group exhibition, aquabitArt gallery Berlin, August 2017
2017 INVISIBILITIES, solo exhibition, aquabitArt gallery Berlin, February 2017
2015 Photography book exhibition “Pessoas Me Interessam” (Ministério da Cultura – Governo Federal do Brasil / Patrocínio: Ortobom e Copelmi) – Clubhouse Rio (RJ)
2014 Photography book “Pessoas Me Interessam” (Ministério da Cultura – Governo Federal do Brasil / Patrocínio: Ortobom e Copelmi) – Saraiva bookstore (RJ)
2014 Photography book “Pessoas Me Interessam” (Ministério da Cultura – Governo Federal do Brasil / Patrocínio: Ortobom e Copelmi) – Jockey Club do Brasil (RJ)
2012 Photo individual exhibition “Edible” – Galeria BNDES (RJ)
2007 Photo individual exhibition “Gatos&Sapatos” IAB – Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil (RJ)2010
Photography book “It`s Raining Men” (Editora Mauad x) – Livraria da Travessa Ipanema (RJ)

Art Fairs
2018 Lucca Art Fair, May 2018 (Lucca)
2018 Paper Positions Berlin
2017 FEIRA PARTE, Aura gallery (São Paulo)
2017 POSITIONS BERLIN, aquabitArt gallery (Berlin)
2017 START (London)
2017 arteBA, Buenos Aires, Gallery Emma Thomas (São Paulo)
2017 Clio Art Fair (NYC)

Selected Collections
Guillermo Rozenblum

Art Studies
2015 Kunstgut Academy of Fine Arts – Berlin
2006 Steve Mc Curry lab photography course – NYC
1984 Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage (EAV) – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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