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Juan Arata
Videos, Painting, Installations


Born 1976, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently lives and works in Berlin.

Juan Arata works in a variety of media including drawing, installation, video, and most prolifically, painting. His figurative paintings feature bold fields of color, both enigmatic and illustrative marks, and the distorted visages and disembodied appendages of his imagined subjects. In the grotesque tradition of George Grosz, Arata describes in paint a cast of motley and gruesome characters caught in the follies of urban life. Though these portraits are developed intuitively, Arata is precise in shaping the uncanny affects of these bizarre and comedic figures, his mark-making and paint application mimetically attuned to the fraught gestures or blank stares of each persona. For Arata, his consistent use of saccharine and neon colors underscores the web of desire and false expectations that mark the absurdity of the contemporary condition: the asinine pursuit of the bright, shiny, and new. The paintings are sometimes paired in diptychs whose images mirror each other - dual portraits that give further emphasis to the egocentric, repetitive, cyclical worlds of these characters. In Arata's video and installation work he expands upon his interest in repetition and cyclical time, coaxing the uncanny from banal objects and occurrences as well as familiar media images and sound bites. Imbued with both humor and sharp critique, Arata's work are driven by a profound sense of the absurdity of the everyday.
(Alika Herreshoff, July 2011, U.S.A.)

Two thousand thirteen

    (Upcoming) Berlin Nights, 19 Karen, Goald Coast-Australia

Two thousand twelve

    (Upcoming) Homage to Hollywood, 19 Karen, Goald Coast-Australia
Berlin Art Week, re:MMX, Berlin-Germany
Nord Art international exhibition - Curator: Wolfgang Gramm, Büdelsdorf and Rendsburg-Germany
The Art of Spain, 19 Karen, Goald Coast-Australia

Two thousand eleven

    Jusqu´au bouddhisme, Stattberlin, Berlin-Germany
Parcous d´artistes, Centre culturel Les Passerelles, Pontault-Combault, France
Found In Translation - Chapter L, Curator: Emmanuel Lambion, Casino Luxembourg, Forum for contemporary art, Luxembourg
Nord Art international exhibition - Curator: Wolfgang Gramm, Büdelsdorf and Rendsburg-Germany
Homage to Frida, 19 Karen, Gold Coast-Australia
Based In Berlin, MultiLayerLaden, Berlin-Germany
Pixelate Me, Transmediale - Das Weekend Festival, aquabitArt, Berlin-Germany
Troyart, Brazilian Sculpture Museum - MuBE, São Pablo-Brazil

Two thousand ten

    Touch me, aquabitArt Galerie, Berlin-Germany;
Dirty Realism - Show VII, MMX Open Art Venue, Berlin-Germany;
Wie es euch gefällt, aquabitArt Galerie, Berlin-Germany;
Out of control, MMX Open Art Venue Berlin-Germany;
Galerija-Muzej Lendava, Slovenia

Two thousand eight

    T.A.O.M.A.C. 2, Gallery-33, Berlin-Germany;
Abnormale - Normale, .BHC Kolektiv, Berlin-Germany;
Sexy faces, Arte Comprimido, Buenos Aires-Argentine


    Atomino Art Festival, 2010, Textilmuseum, Crimmitshau-Germany;
Panama Club. A colaboration with artist Philippe Marcus, 2010 Munich-Germany

Residency Programs

    ( ) parenthesis space parenthesis - édition 0, 2012, Mons la Trivalle-France
International Young Artists Fine Arts Colony, LindArt-co-operate-vol. IV, 2010, Lendava-Slovenia
Schmiede artist-in-residence, 2009, Hallein-Austria


    Out of control, MMX Art Venue, 2010, Berlin-Germany;
"Signals through the Flames";
Interzone video screenings, 2009, Berlin-Germany;
Arte Comprimido Gallery, 2007-2008, Buenos Aires-Argentine


    SWR ARD Buffet, September 2011, Berlin-Germany
Die Tageszeitung, February the 26th 2010, Berlin-Germnay
FAD, Art fast news, 2009, Berlin-Germany
Libero Magazine, 2008, Finland

Catalogs and Publications

    MMX One year book, Berlin 2011
Transmediale Festival, Berlin 2011
Show your Hope, 8Q Foundation, Netherlands 2010
Equinox, Grim Museum, Berlin-Germany, 2010
Der Greif, special issue Schmiede 09, Germany 2009


    Galerija-Muzej Lendava, Slovenia

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